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Fri Jun 7


Full Circle of the Day: George RR Martin Reacts to Red Wedding Reactions

On last night’s ConanA Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin sat down to watch a compilation video of people’s reactions to last weekend’s infamous “Red Wedding” scene from HBO’s grisly drama series Game of Thrones. Apparently, Martin was familiar with the backstory of the video and explained that they were recorded by readers who had been aware of the pivotal event and wanted to film their unknowing friend’s reactions. Martin also gave a nod to the running joke on the Internet about his “no characters left behind” policy by warning Conan that if he were a writer for the show, he would have him killed by his live band in a conspiracy hatched by co-host Andy Richter.


Wed May 29





this makes me think about the post about the two girls who didn’t want to get caught sendes notes in class so they learned elvish


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Sat May 4


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering he’s pals with Jon Stewart.

Click here to watch Stephen take on Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 in the Summer Movie Edition of “Movies That Are Destroying America” from last night’s Colbert Report.

I have decided to give up on revision for tonight and be happy instead. It’s going quite well.

Sun Mar 17


Museums are really weird.

Sat Feb 9

Get Drunk (Baudelaire translation, first draft)

One must always be drunk.
There is naught to be added:
This is the only question.
If one would dull the terrible burden of time which splinters one’s shoulders and drags one earthwards, one must get drunk without let or hindrance.

But on what? On wine, on poetry, or virtue, which ever suits you best. But get drunk.

And if, sometime, on the steps of a palace,
In the depths of some ditch,
In the grim solitude of your room, you stir,
Your drunkenness faded and flown,
Ask of wind, of wave, of star, of bird, of clock,
Of all that flees,
Of all that moans,
Of all that sings,
Of all that speaks,
Ask of them what time it is
And wind, wave, star, bird and clock will tell you:
“It’s time to get drunk!”
If we would be not the martyred slaves of time, we must get drunk, get drunk incessantly! On wine, poetry or virtue; whichever suits you best!

Thu Feb 7

I have managed to do revision for my translation exam, help a friend and learn a bit about Guinea-Bissau all at once! Tonight is a good night. I am also awake really late because I had an accidental long nap a bit ago

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Thu Dec 27